Letters by Karen M

This picture shows the January 17 letter from Letters by Karen M

For the person who still enjoys walking out to their letter box Letters by Karen M are monthly chatty snail mail letters about the month that was for this roving house-sitter.

  • a companion newsletter
  • interesting global stamps and postmarks
  • pen-pal opportunity

Each month, I write a letter to share my last four weeks – what pets I have, where I am etc.  Ideal for the non-digital native as I mail the letter the old-fashioned way with a stamp and a postmark from whichever location I am at.

Each letter will have some personalisation and some doodling.  If you write to me I will write back.

Subscribe now and last month’s letter will be in the mail within a couple of days.

Make a gift subscription for someone who needs some extra company during the month.  If a gift please tell me, when placing the order, in “Special Instructions” who the gift is for, perhaps a bit about them and your name so I can tell them where the gift came from.  I will include a note with their first letter.

Currently, I have a special deal

Buy a 6-month subscription (NZ$ 60) and received 8 months
Buy Now Button

or purchase a 12-month subscription (NZ$ 99) and received 14 months
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or pay by month (NZ$ 12) and receive the first month free
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This picture shows a row of letterboxes from a Queenstown street

3 thoughts on “Letters by Karen M”

  1. Karen, this is such a good idea. Lots of people will want this when they know about it. Have you posted it to SGT and your facebook page yet? Once people get into the concept, it should take off. Imagine if someone brought it for their mother who is in a rest home or hospital. Your illustrations look lovely. Exciting times… Regards Carol.


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