the Awe of Lake Alta (part 1)

Queenstown is a fantastic place with some amazing scenery which can leave you in a state of awe


It came to me as I was walking up the ski road – the “wow” moment, the “yes! this is why I packed up my stuff and left Auckland”.  I am doing the right thing, peace and contentment surround me. Continue reading “the Awe of Lake Alta (part 1)”

The Beach

A soft coated wheaten terrier runs the beach

this picture shows Sumner Beach, looking south, the tide is out. Lots of sand and blue skyI’ve had breakfast

She’s had breakfast, she’s putting her shoes on – we are going walking

Treats in her pocket, lead, keys

“Rafi, let’s go for a walk”

I’m waiting outside the door ready.  Door closed. Lead clipped to my collar and we are heading towards the gate.  Gate open and I am off.  Oops not so fast I am connected to my pet sitter. Walk up the drive, stop at the car.  Click, car unlocked.  A car ride!  Beach? Could we be going to the beach?  Continue reading “The Beach”

Murray, the great Great Dane, sadly missed

My condolences go out to Juliette, Dean and Murray’s other companions. He will be a huge loss in their family

this picture shows Murray, the Great Dane, sitting on his favourite two seater sofa in the conservatory. He wears a red bandana around his neckAlready this year Murray has lost two good dog friends, Gladys , a German wirehaired pointer, and China, another Great Dane, but December was Murray’s time to pass on.  Murray lived with several other dogs, two cats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, three donkeys, two llamas and his carers, Juliette and Dean. Continue reading “Murray, the great Great Dane, sadly missed”

How to choose your pet-sitter

References, recommendations and a face-to-face meeting are all important aspects when a pet sitter is being selected.

this picture (taken in 1940's) shows three children with a much loved family dog“I have never done this before,” she said to me as though she was about to carry out a rite of passage.  And yes, it usually is a ‘she’ who organises the pet care.  It can be a bit daunting to think of a stranger coming to live in your personal space and care for your pets while you are away.  So how is a pet- house-sitter selected? Continue reading “How to choose your pet-sitter”