Moushka, a sweet Sydney Silkie

A small terrier with a large family who will miss her

Unfortunately, I have another dog to farewell. Moushka was my first official pet sit in 2015. I also sat with her on my 22nd and 33rd pet sit.

The housesitting ad said, “To care for one small elderly dog”. Moushka was 15 years old when I first met her. She was the 3rd generation of Sydney Silkie terriers bred by Lillian and Greg. Moushka did not seem ‘elderly’ to me. At times, Moushka chose to take her time on walks but if she wanted to run, she was fast. She also did other normal dog stuff like race around the house when you come home and would do a roll over trick with a bit of encouragement.

a black sydney silke in the palm of a hand, only a week old
Moushka in her first week

Moushka was a well-seasoned travelling dog and undertook all the New Zealand travelling activities of her owners whether by motor home or boat. I saw Moushka standing proudly at the bow of her dinghy one day about 6 months after our first sit together. By coincidence, Lillian and Greg (and Moushka) moored in the same bay which I housesat in.

Moushka would come with me when I visited my family. Always well behaved, she would mosey around each of the houses I visited and find a place for a nap. Even the cats we visited did not faze Moushka, her interest was in finding their feeding bowl rather than bothering with cats.

Moushka in her first year

Moushka was not a lap dog but she liked to have you near and in between naps would come looking for you. She loved to visit her neighbouring family (the home of Lillian and Greg’s son) at mealtimes. Obviously, it was a worthwhile endeavour with successful recovery of tidbits from under the table.

“There are days that I think I see or hear her. All those little things that make me miss her”

Between the first and second sit with Moushka, she lost an eye. It just disintegrated and caused a lot of pain so the vet decided to remove the eye. Moushka adapted well with one eye, but when her remaining eye started to fall apart 12 months later, it caused her much stress. Lillian and Greg sought medical advice on Moushka’s situation and after much consideration; they made the decision to euthanise Moushka.

Moushka had a large family network of Lillian and Greg, their children and grandchildren. She was a very much-loved dog and leaves a gap in many lives. My condolences go out to her large pack.

Moushka in her last year

Stella, the innocent, mischievous Lagotto Romagnolo, sadly missed

My condolences go to Christine, Tim and Stella’s other companions – Joey, Coco, Magic, Gibbston and Clyde. She will be sadly missed.

She eyed me warily as I entered her house.  It was the eyes I first noticed about Stella, they contained a hint of fear.

But as she saw me accepted by her other family members they changed to an intelligent mischievous look. Continue reading “Stella, the innocent, mischievous Lagotto Romagnolo, sadly missed”

Poppy, a Guide Dog, remembered

A story about a guide dog.
Please help support Team Guide Dogs in the Auckland Round the Bays 2017

She was born on 3 September 1992 at the Guide Dog Breeding and Training Centre at Homai, South Auckland, a black bundle of fluff, from a litter of nine pups.  As a pup, she met up with her Puppy Walkers in Henderson and guide dog training began. Continue reading “Poppy, a Guide Dog, remembered”

The Beach

A soft coated wheaten terrier runs the beach

this picture shows Sumner Beach, looking south, the tide is out. Lots of sand and blue skyI’ve had breakfast

She’s had breakfast, she’s putting her shoes on – we are going walking

Treats in her pocket, lead, keys

“Rafi, let’s go for a walk”

I’m waiting outside the door ready.  Door closed. Lead clipped to my collar and we are heading towards the gate.  Gate open and I am off.  Oops not so fast I am connected to my pet sitter. Walk up the drive, stop at the car.  Click, car unlocked.  A car ride!  Beach? Could we be going to the beach?  Continue reading “The Beach”

Murray, the great Great Dane, sadly missed

My condolences go out to Juliette, Dean and Murray’s other companions. He will be a huge loss in their family

this picture shows Murray, the Great Dane, sitting on his favourite two seater sofa in the conservatory. He wears a red bandana around his neckAlready this year Murray has lost two good dog friends, Gladys , a German wirehaired pointer, and China, another Great Dane, but December was Murray’s time to pass on.  Murray lived with several other dogs, two cats, chickens, ducks, pigeons, three donkeys, two llamas and his carers, Juliette and Dean. Continue reading “Murray, the great Great Dane, sadly missed”