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Brothers, siblings and family - family time, just chilling together

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this picture shows the Ferris Wheel, the Bavarian Statue What to wear at Oktoberfest? Oct17 - Brewtiful weather at the annual München Oktoberfest
My cats of 2017 Jan18 - This is not my cat but if he was, I would call him Kevin. Why you might ask?
What is a Tonkinese? What is a Tonkinese? Dec16 - My Tonkinese cat (for three weeks) was completely white, slender with a very long tail and blue eyes.  He was timid and while we shared the same living area I was not allowed to touch him. 
Romantic celebrations during House sits Nov16 - remember there are dogs around
this picture shows a before and after shot of the AUT building over 6 months Get out of the warm bath, it’s starting to cool Sep17 - It is so easy to fall back into the groove and forget your priorities - exploring people and places ... and take photographs

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Gold Dust Woman book review on my bookshelf is “Gold Dust Woman” - Have you seen Stevie Nicks live in concert? tell me about it.
this picture shows a selection of German children's book Reading again and a serendipitous gift (the best kind) - the perfect gift does not need to wait to gift giving time

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